At CastWorks, Inc. we manufacture aluminum sand castings for a wide array of industries. Our customers depend on us to machine, paint, and/or polish custom cast parts. We have been building patterns for the past 25 years and casting aluminum for the past 15 years.

CastWorks was founded in 1988 by Hoyt Cox as Cox Industrial, building wooden molds for the ceramic casting industry. We still build wood and rubber molds for our very first customer!

Our Process

Our Process: Green sand casting.

CastWorks currently uses a green sand casting technique that allows for reuse of the same sand multiple times daily, improving our efficiency over many other foundries.

Green sand casting refers to the type of sand, clay, and water mixture used to make molds for casting. The clay and water, along with pressure, work as the binder for the sand.

We utilize an overhead sand cooling system designed by us here at CastWorks.  Sand is cooled and moistened for reuse after the molds have been shaken out. With the sand being overhead, the amount of labor involved in the mold making process is reduced considerably, improving our efficiency.  We regularly test our sand for the clay content in order to provide a consistent  finish.

CastWorks uses the latest technology and methods, including 3D printing, to build patterns for casting on site. 

Our Products

Our aluminum casting products

CastWorks regularly casts several different aluminum alloys, including 319, 356, 713 and recycled aluminum. We have the ability to acquire and cast the required alloy for your project.

While we specialize in small quantity orders, CastWorks can produce as many castings as your company needs. We do not have the long lead times that many other foundries require, ensuring that your company can meet its expected delivery date.

At CastWorks, we inspect every casting before delivery to insure that it meets our high quality standards.

Our Founder

Hoyt Cox, Founder of Cast Works, LLC

Hoyt Cox graduated East Carolina University in 1973 with a BS degree in Industrial Technology. Hoyt spent 15 years as a manufacturing engineer and worked for several major manufacturers including Rockwell International and Babcock & Wilcox. His main objective was to solve production issues and increase production.

Hoyt founded the company in 1988 as Cox Industrial, and began building wooden molds for the ceramic casting industry. The company has undergone three name changes over its more than 30 years and is now known as CastWorks, Inc. CastWorks primarily functions as an aluminum foundry currently, but continues to cast urethane rubber, silicone and epoxy.

Hoyt’s daughter, Sarah, and her husband, Jay, now operate CastWorks¬† with Hoyt.¬† Hoyt’s son, Chad, is also at CastWorks, and works in molding and casting production.

Hoyt is still dedicated every day to solving manufacturing issues and increasing production.


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